Funfair / Warfare

by Brandish

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nah catchy & dissonant anarcho-punk, feels like propagandhi at times, good shit Favorite track: Necessary Illusions.
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Death Blossoms (free) 01:35
Weaponized, archaic minds, so pious, so content The protected served, what more to learn? What more could we expect? Than to fly their flag, recite their pledge, fight for their table scraps? They got us where they want us And we won't make a fuss because History repeats, so it seems, ignored or romanticized Or the framework's ahistorical when only names change with time We pine for a peace that was never there We've been tricked into thinking they ever cared If our police stand with the "proud" in the streets Are we still to believe they'll protect you and me? I'm terrified of what gives you pride Your laurels perched atop a thin blue line On which you stand, for which so many die So I won't feel a thing when you're hung out to dry
Funfair / Warfare (free) 01:48
An instrument for their feeding, now I'm left to be questioning So tired of desires being warped, objectified Yeah, objects, fucking conquests, one more checkpoint for your pride I must be stupid, are we human? No, well, I can't really decide I've been told I gotta "get it" before "it" "goes out of style" I can't deconstruct this paradigm that I've been forced inside I'm alone in my convictions when I dare to go outside Society instills these power structures in my mind The blueprints for this sickness, another tale as old as time What's it mean that you can walk down the street Free of the suggestion that she's faced with constantly? If she's to blame, then what does that make you? you say she should be ashamed or she just wasn't trained Well, I'm sick of these bullshit fucking childish games What warrants these assumptions that we're free to exercise by any means just so we're pleased? This fucking feral, vehement culture I've grown to despise
I don't really know what to think of people who walk that thin line between Comfort and complacency, but lately we're that spitting image What was once curiosity is now nothing more than indifference So if I'm the one who's "jaded" I think I'd rather be hated For the things I do and say than some stupid smile on my fucking face We're not alright but we're not losing sleep We're no less fucking bogus than the company we keep We're not that bright, or we can't concentrate? Let's watch it on the big screen because Today we've got something to share! Sometimes I still think about myself first It makes me so sick all the time But removing myself from one evil doesn't stop the hoards of people Punishing the voiceless for the crime of existence And in that I question my morals Do I really fucking care about anyone but me? Because I'm not blind, but I'm not scared, is it apathy or atrophy? Well I think somewhere in between I lose the ability to distinguish the two But you can't have one without the other if nothing's put to use We're all just minds diseased by standards And the logos that they're branded with And the TV keeps alive the myths, these caricatures we take comfort in We're not alright but we're not losing sleep We're no less fucking clueless than the company we keep We're not that bright, or we can't concentrate? Fumbling through the stations, we've stumbled into cognitive graves Work all day to be sure you can pay to watch the lives You're too afraid to live, all these people are so pretty But they have nothing to say, they keep you snuggled tightly Oh, I just can't look away! Work all day in this matrix of corporate slaves I can't wait to get home to see what they'll try to sell me We all feel just fine and we'll keeping toeing that line With all of these creature comforts there's nothing ore to be desired
Immobilize (free) 00:52
In my mind, there are no solutions, or my spine rejects any will to use them I'm not ready for consequences, I won't carry the burden What a punk, what a rebel! Cogs in the machine that we've assembled You get no glory, just straight to shame, collapse ignored, we're saved! What the fuck? We're in trouble Cogs in the machine that we've assembled We're lost, we're fucked
Necessary Illusions (free) 02:14
Married to the concepts and enchanting visuals Protected interests, psychotic ritual History is easy to forget when your plate is full To ignore it is your reflex, they know what keeps you Sleeping tight, eaten alive with messages you can't deny And they feed it to your children, holy writ recited to galvanize And waste young minds from the moment they open their eyes Let's call it education because we got space to fill Prescribe more medication, that's one less bitter pill I'm sorry that I won't defend the fear you spread or time I've spent Cowardly, quietly, sitting still so idly I've slept it off but nothing's changed, we're still their pretty little slaves Do you bite the hand that feeds when that same hand if of the thief That keeps you holding tight for your fucking life They'll keeping taking just to make you buy Into this paralyzing paradise, where roles have been decided And fossilized, another wasted mind Until the moment when you finally meet your demise


Brandish is:
Ryan Casmirri - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Dougherty - Vocals/Bass
Tim Balch - Drums
Recorded Winter 2018 at Jesse Gimbel's Basement in Upper Darby, PA
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Artwork/Layout by Jason Lubrano at Righteous Indignation


released February 28, 2020


all rights reserved



Brandish Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Punk band from Philadelphia, PA.

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