Selective Morality

by Brandish

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*digital proceeds will go to the Anarchist Black Cross*


released February 10, 2017

Ryan: Guitar/Drums/Vocals
Mike: Bass/Vocals

Tracked July 2016.
Recorded/Mixed: Jesse Gimble @ Jesse Gimble's Basement.
Artwork/Layout: Jason Lubrano @ Righteous Indignation.
Mastered: Bill Henderson @ Azimuth Mastering.



all rights reserved


Brandish Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly punk.

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Track Name: Unclean
*When convenience is the only thing standing between you and your flimsy morals, what can you say you really believe?

There's no pressure, there's no mission
Got no reason, no vision

Guilty, guilty of being used
I've never seen such a weak constitution
Take so much abuse

Follow directions, keep your hands clean
Pay no attention to tendencies

Guilty, guilty, just shaking in our shoes
Another product for the family
You got nothing to lose

We'll keep quiet
We won't make a scene
Track Name: Desensitized
*Social media can be a dangerous weapon. Use wisely.

You're wasting your time
Building up this image for yourself
No consequence for no appearance
As if no one could ever add up to you

Impressed by impressions people give
Through media and accounts of imagination
Never satisfied with what's been handed to you
Where's your silver platter?
Your status? Do you plan to
Keep tabs on all the people that you've
Stepped on, I hope you're keeping score

So many dumb people
Sit in front of a blank screen hanging on
Every single word that gives no answer
Force fed mindless gibberish
Repeated lines from your daily script
And you think it gives you meaning
So who's setting the standard?

Sheltered, lost all feeling
Have we been desensitized?
The ignorance we're breeding
Makes us fucking dead inside
The walls that now define us
Mask everything we've always lacked
Now we've become spineless
But still we pat ourselves on the back

Planned out personalities
Structured so perfectly
But nothing is working
It seems so undeserving to feel like
We're part of anything at all

Crucify the meek
As long as you have a place to hide
Therapy for the weak
Has this become our daily lives?
Has this become our daily lives?
Have we been desensitized?
Track Name: Fa$t Fa$hion
"Use your vote, your dollar bill is your vote. It's time we stopped giving it in the bucket-loads to these giant corporations. They're not to be trusted with that amount of money. They're only gonna bland us out, robot us out. They're gonna crush us and pulverize us. All they want is our money."
-Joe Strummer

Everybody get in line! Single file!
Now, who was next?
We're all here looking for the same thing
But one thing we're missing.....
What are you really buying when you
Sport that brand new line?

No transparency with plenty of mouths to feed
Still we buy one, and get one for free
Fast fashion, high demand
Got a credit card in hand?
While millions of women and children
Who we don't care to know
Starve and bleed for our
Marked down skinny jeans
Without a fucking thing to show

"What they don't see, they'll never know
What they don't see, they'll never know"
But we all see and we all know
Still we buy it, breathe it
Yeah, that's the fucking spirit

Everything produced through suffering
For convenience, for this fucking greed
Everything we know is suffering
But it's convenient and I don't wanna believe
I don't wanna believe

Compliance and ignorance
Softly spoken through catchy slogans
Designed to keep you begging
On your hands and knees
Just to keep the gears turning
In those cramped factories

'Slave labor, our true savior, set us free
Its nothing new, but it ain't working for me
How far will we go to sink to another low?
That price tag says it all, baby!
And what we don't see, we'll never know.'
You better fucking believe it!
Track Name: Oh, Blimey
I'll never try to pretend that I make any sense
I'll never act like I know what I mean
When I speak of anything

Cuz I'm just as fucked as you
I'm just as ignorant, we're not so different
The only difference is I will admit
That I don't deserve a thing
We're all so fucking undeserving

I'll never say that I'm better for thinking of
Better ways to survive
I'll never give into the myths
You think we all benefit just from being alive?

What more do I have to say?
We're all so ignorant, it'll never be different
We're never gonna change
Not at this rate.
Track Name: Hand-Me-Down Parade
*When your revolution is trying to sell me a t-shirt the moment I walk through the door, when your revolution is brought to me by Coca Cola, it is apparent that your "revolution" is nothing more than another product.

Somewhere in the stadium, lost in the moshpit
I hear you loud and clear
But it's just entertainment
I think we've overstayed our welcome
They've opened their eyes
It's all been said and done before
Won't be long before we trade in these spikes
For suits and ties

We know that's how the story goes
When it all starts to take its toll
And you crack under the pressure
You can feel in their lectures
There's no longer a common goal
We all gave up so long ago
What aged quicker, us or the wardrobe?
Vapid, at a standstill, our minds are a landfill
For slogans we cling to just to feel

Cozy and reassured
But we know for what it's worth
We're all just mannequins
Collectively roped in with so much prowess
In this identity crisis

I could no longer meet their demands
They wouldn't let me play in their games
I think I finally bit the hand
That was feeding the bullshit
Marching in this handmedown parade
I've done all I can, I know, it's such a shame
I saw no reaction, I tried to distract them
When their slings and arrows came
Track Name: Pornography Of The Senses
"Advertisements appeal to 'someone' to buy 'something'. In this, they offer a window into the myths by which our world is structured - who are the 'someones' in our culture, and who become the 'somethings'?"
- Carol J. Adams

I remember at a young age
I think I had lost some weight
I couldn't stomach it
But you know we're always punished with
Rhetoric and images
Pornography of the senses
We sure don't mind, it helps us sleep at night
To buy into myths of humane practices

But when it's all uncovered in front of our eyes
We stumble and stutter over tired lines
Anything you need to "survive"
Anything to deny....

Fables fading into nightmares we'll all share
Rituals that we cling on to
We don't question what we don't see
Just ask for seconds
And shovel your complacency
We'll deny the reality, deny this selective morality
Just clean your plate and pray for
A cleaner slate

We're buying and selling a product
That gets made with every throat cut
Give me reason, for the thrill? I can't tell
Where is it you draw the line?

Small cages, broken bones
Castrate 'em, pump those hormones
Diseased minds on this assembly line
"It all ends so why not just speed up the process?"
Bought and branded, skinned alive
To comfort their killers
While they sleep at night
"We're just giving you what you need
Now grease up those conveyor belts, boys
We got mouths to feed!"