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*Social media can be a dangerous weapon. Use wisely.

You're wasting your time
Building up this image for yourself
No consequence for no appearance
As if no one could ever add up to you

Impressed by impressions people give
Through media and accounts of imagination
Never satisfied with what's been handed to you
Where's your silver platter?
Your status? Do you plan to
Keep tabs on all the people that you've
Stepped on, I hope you're keeping score

So many dumb people
Sit in front of a blank screen hanging on
Every single word that gives no answer
Force fed mindless gibberish
Repeated lines from your daily script
And you think it gives you meaning
So who's setting the standard?

Sheltered, lost all feeling
Have we been desensitized?
The ignorance we're breeding
Makes us fucking dead inside
The walls that now define us
Mask everything we've always lacked
Now we've become spineless
But still we pat ourselves on the back

Planned out personalities
Structured so perfectly
But nothing is working
It seems so undeserving to feel like
We're part of anything at all

Crucify the meek
As long as you have a place to hide
Therapy for the weak
Has this become our daily lives?
Has this become our daily lives?
Have we been desensitized?


from Selective Morality, released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Brandish Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly punk.

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