Hand​-​Me​-​Down Parade

from by Brandish



*When your revolution is trying to sell me a t-shirt the moment I walk through the door, when your revolution is brought to me by Coca Cola, it is apparent that your "revolution" is nothing more than another product.

Somewhere in the stadium, lost in the moshpit
I hear you loud and clear
But it's just entertainment
I think we've overstayed our welcome
They've opened their eyes
It's all been said and done before
Won't be long before we trade in these spikes
For suits and ties

We know that's how the story goes
When it all starts to take its toll
And you crack under the pressure
You can feel in their lectures
There's no longer a common goal
We all gave up so long ago
What aged quicker, us or the wardrobe?
Vapid, at a standstill, our minds are a landfill
For slogans we cling to just to feel

Cozy and reassured
But we know for what it's worth
We're all just mannequins
Collectively roped in with so much prowess
In this identity crisis

I could no longer meet their demands
They wouldn't let me play in their games
I think I finally bit the hand
That was feeding the bullshit
Marching in this handmedown parade
I've done all I can, I know, it's such a shame
I saw no reaction, I tried to distract them
When their slings and arrows came


from Selective Morality, released February 10, 2017



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Brandish Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly punk.

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