Pornography Of The Senses

from by Brandish



"Advertisements appeal to 'someone' to buy 'something'. In this, they offer a window into the myths by which our world is structured - who are the 'someones' in our culture, and who become the 'somethings'?"
- Carol J. Adams

I remember at a young age
I think I had lost some weight
I couldn't stomach it
But you know we're always punished with
Rhetoric and images
Pornography of the senses
We sure don't mind, it helps us sleep at night
To buy into myths of humane practices

But when it's all uncovered in front of our eyes
We stumble and stutter over tired lines
Anything you need to "survive"
Anything to deny....

Fables fading into nightmares we'll all share
Rituals that we cling on to
We don't question what we don't see
Just ask for seconds
And shovel your complacency
We'll deny the reality, deny this selective morality
Just clean your plate and pray for
A cleaner slate

We're buying and selling a product
That gets made with every throat cut
Give me reason, for the thrill? I can't tell
Where is it you draw the line?

Small cages, broken bones
Castrate 'em, pump those hormones
Diseased minds on this assembly line
"It all ends so why not just speed up the process?"
Bought and branded, skinned alive
To comfort their killers
While they sleep at night
"We're just giving you what you need
Now grease up those conveyor belts, boys
We got mouths to feed!"


from Selective Morality, released February 10, 2017



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Brandish Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly punk.

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